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Time to Live


Shane Wilks is a top-level Demon, working his butt off to climb higher in the hierarchy into Underworld Master’s heir position. Master assigns him to the task of killing a Witch. Simple manageable task for someone like him, if it wasn’t for the Witch befriending a Goddess sent by her parents into the Mortal World to learn how to feel from humans. Since the Goddess is a little bit cursed, and the Demon is not quite the kind of usual demon, the disaster becomes inevitable as their paths cross.


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Fallen Clouds





Somewhere far away in the North there is a land where clouds fall from the sky and cover everything with a soft cold blanket. Erifeya is a beautiful southern Nymph ready to risk her life for a chance to see the snow. After a stubborn northern barbarian Ratibor saves her from the deadly cold, Erie decides to return the favor. Nymph offers magical help in search of his sister, kidnapped by the warlock. Their journey full of adventures, sweet romance, and spooky creatures of Slavic mythology awaits






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Story of a girl following her dream in a crazy adventure along the Amazon riverside. Would she be strong enough to bear all the troubles and win a heart of her love during the journey or maybe she`ll find something even better? ^_~






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