Working on new coloring book

I am working on new coloring book. This time I wanted to draw more common girls, not fairies and fantastical creatures, not princesses or traditional outfits, but normal average girls in casual everyday clothes.

I had the title in mind before I drew any pictures. I am in the process of drawing the content and I can tell that the majority of the drawings are done, several pieces are lest to complete. Here are some examples of the pieces that would be included.

Also, I opened long time ago promised Payhip store, where you could purchase my digital downloads directly from me, which are printable pdfs of my coloring books. I am thinking about adding comics in pdf format there later.

I know that some people prefer to buy digital coloring books and print them out on a paper of their choice I was actually contacted by the real customers who said it was the case. (Which I never even thought about before that.)

Unfortunately, Etsy doesn’t allow to open stores from my country. I also had unpleasant experience with gumroad website. I don’t want to go in the details, I was basically scammed there by a fraudulent on customer’s side, which I was informed about by GR support team on the email. The damage was not critical but it left some uneasy stain.

So, I took the products down and opted for a Payhip instead. Actually I found out about this payhip website on Joanna Pen’s youtube channel. I really enjoy listening to her podcasts when I draw. Her positive attitude and very useful tips and advice were what inspired me to create a coloring book in the first place back in 2017.

Hopefully future experience would be better for me and the customers. =^_^=

Until next time,

Heiseihi XO

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