My favorite and the most inspirational place.

manga-artist and illustrator (passionate hobbyist) based in Siberia near the Baikal Lake. In love with old-school shoujo manga, dark beauty, photography, and nature as well.

Orientalist by education. Artist by vocation.





Here is meme “Arts vs Artist”

They say: “arts usually look like the person who creates them” Is it true?


Want to learn about my art-projects? 

My manga drawing journey has started back in 2006 when I firstly had tried to draw comics

Toru1122 These were two comics made with color pencils, and of course, I had never managed to finish any of them. The first one was kinda stupid about secret agents fighting with evil forces.., the second – I still love this story, but neither back then nor now I was or am skilled enough to deal such complicated fighting scenes which are included into the plot, so I had put it aside until the better times.

in 2008-2009 I first time tried to make manga with black and white screentones toma
(traditionally  drawn and digitally edited) One of this comics was “Yumemonogatari” crappy humor-ecchi story about humanized tomato, neko-nurse, and gutless boy – 5 chapters … and it was total crap but a good chance to practice! (finished, but I will never show it to anyone because it`s crap – btw when I was drawing it – I did share it online as ongoing and (omg!) some people even read and liked it >///< ahaha)

In 2009 I have started to work on the most cherished manga-story with code-name “Time-project” but I screwed everything up because I had no idea about print – size and resolution of pages… I ended up with 3 chapters of small unprintable size and plot holes because I didn`t make outline… I had to redraw first chapters from the beginning in 2013-14 and now I am seriously considering reorganizing plot, making proper outline, fixing plot-holes and finally presenting it to the audience in the best possible way but only after I finish Videira – my current manga project which I have completed a draft but still working on redrawing it in final clean version.

one-shot stories-min

I also have finished four one-shot stories, covers of which you may see above.

2010 – Burn Alive – my first finished one-shot drama/dark romance about witch and inquisition.

2011 – Ave Maria – vampire~ish drama. It was published in a magazine, which made me extremely happy ^_^

2013 – Valkyrie – shoujo/fantasy/drama/romance/fairy-tail =D about Valkyrie, obviously. The longest one. I self-published this one-shot as a book in 2014. And I am going to translate it into English in the nearest future.

2014 – Daughter of the Baikal – drama again =D too much drama omg mystery/legend story taking place in my homelands featuring a legend of the small nation of Buryat people who are native inhabitants of these lands. Read on Tapas

2017 – I have drawn my first coloring book for children and adults with shoujo-manga girls “Beauty is magic” and now I’m working on the second. And two more until now.

trio-minMy current project is Videira.

You can read it on Tapas for free ^_^ link  It is funny gender-bender shoujo-romance adventure taking place in the jungle of 19th century Brazil. Warning! contains a little B/L (shounen-ai) scene! But in fact, it is usual romance. Be aware ^_~

I have been drawing since I was a child as long as I love to create imaginary stories, and I have always felt that it is much easier for me to tell the story and express the emotions through the pictures, then using words.

I have experienced both digital and traditional types of drawing but traditional way to create art (meaning on paper using pencils/pens/markers/watercolor) resonates more with me I enjoy the process more when I don`t have crtl+z option. I usually draw lines on paper then edit or color my drawings digitally.

I want to be an artist and I have a dream – to prove people surrounding me that my passion for creating art deserves the right to exist.  I have grown up in the society and environment where the drawing is considered to be something stupid/meaningless/useless and good for kids only.  When you have grown up and still like to draw – it is considered… weird at least, not to say um.. insane, because it is so “not serious” and almost inappropriate, especially when the subject of drawing those “big-eyed girls”!

What about my Education and Occupation, if art is my Hobby?:

I have a specialist’s degree as an Orientalist (I have studied culture, history, and languages of China and Japan, and my major was Japanese literature with additional qualification as Chinese interpreter)


I hope this blog would depict my journey where I struggle to reach my dreams like my heroines always do in my fiction comic-stories, to be strong and confident like them and become the true me after all. Stay tuned on to check will I be able to complete this challenge? =D

Do I have any other hobbies?

Yep! Photography! I have graduated from “Like” photoschool and I love photography,… I just love drawing more.

sincerely yours, Heiseihi

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