Working on new coloring book

I am working on new coloring book. This time I wanted to draw more common girls, not fairies and fantastical creatures, not princesses or traditional outfits, but normal average girls in casual everyday clothes.

I had the title in mind before I drew any pictures. I am in the process of drawing the content and I can tell that the majority of the drawings are done, several pieces are lest to complete. Here are some examples of the pieces that would be included.

Also, I opened long time ago promised Payhip store, where you could purchase my digital downloads directly from me, which are printable pdfs of my coloring books. I am thinking about adding comics in pdf format there later.

I know that some people prefer to buy digital coloring books and print them out on a paper of their choice I was actually contacted by the real customers who said it was the case. (Which I never even thought about before that.)

Unfortunately, Etsy doesn’t allow to open stores from my country. I also had unpleasant experience with gumroad website. I don’t want to go in the details, I was basically scammed there by a fraudulent on customer’s side, which I was informed about by GR support team on the email. The damage was not critical but it left some uneasy stain.

So, I took the products down and opted for a Payhip instead. Actually I found out about this payhip website on Joanna Pen’s youtube channel. I really enjoy listening to her podcasts when I draw. Her positive attitude and very useful tips and advice were what inspired me to create a coloring book in the first place back in 2017.

Hopefully future experience would be better for me and the customers. =^_^=

Until next time,

Heiseihi XO

“Realm of Elves and Fairies” coloring book flip through.

The paperback of my fifth coloring book “Realm of Elves and Fairies” has arrived! Have a sneak peek inside and flip through its pages with me!

It took me a really long time to make all these drawings but it was worth it and I am happy with the result! 

Here is the flip through video I recorded:

And here is some “official” description:

The coloring book features the art of shoujo-manga and anime style,  26 drawings of elves and fairies including pictures of different complexity levels.

If you enjoy coloring cute fairy girls with pointed ears, this coloring book is for you! 

☙“Realm of Elves and Fairies. Manga girls”❧ coloring book contains:

✅26 original hand-drawn designs of pretty manga/anime styled girls




✅Butterflies & Dragonflies

✅couple of other animals and one bug

✅Cute manga girls

✅Coloring for relaxation

Calm down your stress and relax immersing yourself in the enjoyable craft of coloring various female characters. Recommended art-tools are colored pencils. If you decide to use markers or something which may bleed through the paper, it would be better to put a sheet of paper beneath the page you color to prevent spoilage of the next drawing. All pictures in this book are one-sided.

All drawings made by me.

And, here are some photos:

New Coloring Book – “Realm of Elves and Fairies. Manga girls.”

Hey there!

Recently, I’ve been working on a new coloring book. And it is finally out!

May I present to you “Realm of Elves and Fairies. Manga girls.” Here she is:

It’s a paperback collection of 26 one-sided drawings featuring elves and fairies of various kinds and complexity level for fun and relaxation coloring. I’ve been working illustrations for this book since last summer, and I am really proud of their quality. If you compare my first coloring book published in 2017 and this one – there is a big improvement in my drawing skills and designs of the girls to color. At least it seems so to me.

This time I’ve been partially using me new drawing tablet to make line-arts. In the previous books most of the drawings were done on paper.

Here are some examples of the drawings featured in this coloring book. As usual I’ve getting most of my inspiration from nature.

It is the fifth coloring book in the series. I have couple more ideas for other coloring books, so I am going to keep working on them. Stay tuned for more news!

Pretty manga girls for coloring. Coloring books by Heiseihi.

I am also planning to make a downloadable printable PDF version for those who tend to take books apart, scan, and print on their own paper of choice.

XO, Heiseihi

How I make coloring books.

How I create coloring books. 

By no mean this is a rule set in stone it’s just the way I do it.  I want to share my process and give you a little look behind the scene.

Step 1. Pick a theme. 

This step is not necessary but I find it so much more easier to come up with the drawing ideas if they are within one theme. But you can go without any theme. My first coloring book was just bunch of random girls thrown together. In later books i made drawings according to the themes like “Dark beauty” or “Russian traditional outfits”

Some people might be interested in coloring only certain themes. Like the one who prefers coloring fairies may not want to color creepy spooky witches and werewolves. 

Step 2. Sketches. 

There are two ways you can make sketches: traditional (on paper) and digital (using graphic tablet). 

I prefer to make sketches on paper using graphite pencil. Either way is totally ok, it’s just my preference. Also, I try to minimise the time spent staring at the monitor so this way if transfering a little but if work away from computer. Besides, I tend to make majority of sketches away from home, so caring around my computer and graphic tablet is not an option. 

 By the way, traditional artworks require a little bit more of effort while turning them into a coloring book but we’ll get to it in one of the next steps. 

Step 3. Lines art (or inking). 

Lineart is making a trace over your sketch with smooth lines. Do not forget to make variety in the thickness of lines. Main shapes should be lined more thick than insignificant lines within these lines. And, if possible, try not to break the lines marking the borders of one shape – not to confuse the possible colorist. 

If  you make digital sketches, this leaves you with no choice but make a digital line unless you want to print it out and trace using light table, which is totally possible but heck a lot if work. 

If you make traditional sketches, this leaves you with two ways of making lines – digital, when you scan your pencil sketches and trace it in graphic editor program. And traditional with actual ink and pens. 

I tried to make both and they have their own advantages. The only thing  you need to keep in mind is that traditional linearts require cleaning after a scan copy is made where you need to look very close for any potentially uneraised pencils, earasir strokes clung to paper, dust dots or whatever small fragments may stick to your sheet of paper. Everything should look clean and smooth. 

I prefer to make line-arts traditionally on paper. I usually use sakura pigma micron multiliners and sometimes copic multiliners to ink.  However, in my 5th coloring book most of lines are digital.

 Step 4. Pdf

Alrighty, you’ve finished all you drawings. Now they look clean and pretty. It’s time to slap our book together. Depending on the format of your choice you may use different templates where I strongly recommend to mark margins for yourself to avoid any lines go over the edges of printable area or the borders which would be cut off when the actual book is printed. 

At this step you need to keep in mind that the book itself must have images printed only on one side to avoid bleed through the page. Don’t forget to place blank pages after each drawing. Since we are discussing amazon kdp here, the paper they use for printing is rather thin and it is better to have drawing on one side of the paper. If you use any other company for printing your coloring books, which allows to have thicker paper, go ahead and place images on both sides of the paper.

Do not forget about additional page for isbn (which you could purchase or use  kdp publishing isbn) and other information in the beginning. Also you may throw some blank pages on the back for people to test their coloring materials. 

Some people like to duplicate their drawings in coloring book twice. I personally don’t do that but consider trying this out one day. 

Convert all the pages into PDF file and combine PDF pages together using any PDF redactor of your choice. 

Step 5 the cover. 

Cover requires  a special template depending on the size and page count. You can download template from your KDP account. Don’t forget to leave the space where bar-code would be placed on the back!

Step 6 . FInal!

Upload. Order physical or download PDF proof-copy. Check it for any mistakes. 

Enjoy! Your coloring book is ready. You can put it on sale or use as a gift to your friends and family if they enjoy coloring. I used my coloring books as gifts for my nieces. They were from 6 to 9 years old and they totally loved it. I also have my coloring books available on Amazon and printable PDF version on gumroad.

Recently I’ve been working on creating my new coloring book – “Realm of Elves and Fairies. Manga girls”. So, I’ve recorded video footage of some parts of the process and combined it together. Here is the video:

Coloring book “Russian Fairy Tale”. Unboxing parcel and flip through.


Storytime here: I`ve ordered 4 copies of my coloring book “Russian fairytale. Manga girls” – to see how would they look on paper. I always do that and usually give them to my nieces later ^_^ But Amazon sent me 3 copies. Probably, there was some mistake during processing the parcel. And they send one more copy separately ^.^’ for this one copy they used the super fast delivery method so it arrived two weeks prior to the second parcel with three copies. I didn’t film the first parcel’s unboxing because I got it snatched out of my hands and unwrapped by someone else =D

But as the second one arrived I set up my camera and here it is:

Here are some pictures of the first one, which arrived at the beginning of October.

This coloring book turned out to be really pretty. I am kind of proud.


Now I have four of them in total. A collection of 105 drawings .

raskras 1


if you are interested you could grab a copy here 

☙“Russian Fairy Tale. Manga girls”❧ New coloring book!

I am so happy to announce that my fourth coloring book is finally live and available on Amazon. I called it “Russian Fairy Tale” as it features various representations of Russian traditional culture and mythology. I’ve spent this summer working on these drawings and I am glad how drawings turned out. I tried to include various levels of complexity and the number of details.

cover 700

If you enjoy coloring manga girls in historical and traditional outfits, this coloring book is for you.

“Russian Fairy Tale. Manga girls” coloring book contains:
✅27 original hand-drawn designs of pretty manga/anime styled girls
✅Traditional Russian outfits
✅Attributes of Russian culture
✅Mythological creatures
✅Flowers, patterns and ornaments
✅Cute manga girls
✅Girl’s power in its beauty
✅Russian musical instruments
✅Few animals
✅Delightful historical scenes for relaxation
✅ Rusalka
✅ Firebird
Coloring book suitable for children, teens, and adults featuring the art of shoujo manga and anime style, including pictures of different complexity level.
Calm down your stress and relax immersing yourself into the enjoyable craft of coloring various female characters.
Recommended art-tools are colored pencils. If you decide to use markers or something which may bleed through the paper, it would be better to put a sheet of paper beneath the page you color to prevent spoilage of the next drawing.
All pictures in this book are one-sided.
All drawings made by artist Heiseihi.
Have fun and happy coloring!

Here is a photo of some drawings included in this coloring book:


“Dark Beauty: Manga girls” My second coloring book for children and adults.


More than half of the year has passed since I`ve written something here. And all this time I was working on my second coloring book which is already finished and released on November 8th 2017. This coloring book was inspired by the dark vibes and aesthetic. Needless to say I was alway driven to and enchanted by dark and somber things but my drawings still keep this girly smiley “kawaii” mood on them. Darkness can be not only gloomy and sad but cheerful and funny as well.


Available on Amazon

One of the greatest examples of funny aspect of the darkness is loved by everybody Halloween, which inspired some drawings in this book as well (I`ve drawn a lot of witches, pumpkins and cats). I was intended to finish my book by Halloween but I failed this personal deadline which I set for myself and delayed the release for 1 month.

Darkness has recently been popularised in modern pop-culture, even kid’s toys nowadays depict zombies and vampires. I was very surprised to see my niece’ doll which looks like monster… and she loves it. So I guess there is nothing wrong with adding something dark into coloring book.

Moreover darkness for me is not associating with the evil, bad or cruelty, for me it is something associating with elegance, grace and delicacy from gothic-victorian style, deep velvet calmness of abandoned cemeteries, slumber of the Moon hiding in clouds and eternal beauty of night.


I was working hard and I have improved my draing skills a bit while I was working on this coloring book and now I am finally able to take it in my hands. I am really happy about the pring quallit and cover but I wish the paper itself be more thick to use markers or watercolor on it now it suits btter for colored pencils only.

“Dark Beauty” coloring book contains gothic, victorain historical and fantasy gowns, halloween/spooky creatures, art-nuvo frames and just cute japanese manga girls. This coloring book is a collection of 26 original hand-drawn designes inspired by the dark aesthetic. Coloring book for both children and adults featuring art of shoujo manga and anime style, laces, flowers and pictures of different complexity level. All pictures in this booke are one-sided. It features: witches, werewolf, lolita-fashion girls, mermaid, dark fairy, fantasy creatres, vampires, cats, pumpkins, gargoyles, ravens and so on.

I have plans and ideas for two more coloring books in this series and some other.

But for now I want to concentrate on my manga first ^_^/~

Thanks for the attention!

Check up my books on Amazon

My self-drawn Coloring book with shoujo-manga girls!

My self-drawn and self-published coloring book for children and adults Beauty is magic: Shoujo-manga girls

Hello. ^_^/~

Yay! My Coloring book titled Beauty is magic: Shoujo manga girls.: for children and adults is available on Createspace and Amazon So happy! I did it!

                                        small cover frontsmall

All my social media have been suffering from the lack of updates lately. I got a heavy flu with complications and my productivity and social activity were somewhere around zero. But I did draw actually (on paper only) sitting by the computer was kinda hard…

But those “couch drawing” gave me a great opportunity to manage one drawing project which I was thinking about for a long time but never actually thought it could be real, until I discovered something interesting from YouTube =D and now I feel like I could do literally everything. I just need more time.


This drawing project is not a manga, but something different and still demands a lot of drawing and post drawing work. And it is a book. A small experimental coloring book featuring my original designs of 26 shoujo-manga girls in different styles and outfits ^_^ and that was a lot of fun to do!

You know, I always had a sense that my line arts look like pages from colouring books for girls before I color them or tone with screentones.


I was going to self publish it with Createspace and The funniest thing is for me living on the opposite side of the Globe – that it is even cheaper to buy few copies from Amozon then to order the same few copies in my country and the delivery cost is almost the same O_O WTF?! Lol.

I am already waiting printed proof copies for my one-shot manga o(^.^)o Yay! Want to draw more coloring books a have so much of ideas! Nothing is gonna stop me from fulfilling my wishes.

 I mostly draw my original characters from my comics but I didn’t want to include them into colouring books, because they are mine and it would feel like a betrayal for them. So, these girls from colouring book were just spontaneously drawn sketches or few of them I was thinking to draw a manga with, but I gave up those ideas later. And when I put all the drawings together I have finally decided to do what I wanted. Because “why not?” I can.

If people would like it I would be happy, if not… Well… I still can think of it like an artbook of my line-arts ^_^ and after all, I’ve got a lot of nieces and friends to give presents to. I’ve got nothing to lose, so why not to try then? ^_^

Could you imagine my surprise, when this book actually has started to sell. I was really shocked (and glad)! Thank everyone for purchasing a copy of my coloring book for children and adults!

Currently I`m working on the second coloring book of this series.

Thanks for the attention!

Sincerely, Heiseihi.