Webtoon “Fallen Clouds”, trying new format of storytelling.

About my comic “Fallen clouds”

Somewhere far away in the North there is a land where clouds fall from the sky and cover everything with a soft cold blanket. Erifeya is a beautiful southern Nymph ready to risk her life for a chance to see the snow. After a stubborn northern barbarian Ratibor saves her from the deadly cold, Erie decides to return the favor. Nymph offers magical help in search of his sister, kidnapped by the warlock. Their journey full of adventures, sweet romance, and spooky creatures of Slavic mythology awaits

This year has been a bit crazy with global pandemic and all. I hope you all are doing well.

I came to tell here what I’ve been up to for the whole year of 2020

In the end of May 2020, I’ve began publishing my new comic project on webtoon canvas. This experience was interesting at least. Not only I made a decision to try creating a full colored comic, I also changed format. Instead of the pages, which I usually draw on A4 format, I went webtoon – vertical scroll format rout. And, hoo boy, I did struggle with it. Not only it takes me several times longer to make panels in full color, but I also had to change the format of thinking and push it beyond page limits. Sometimes it worked. Sometimes it didn’t. At the end I decided to make normal pages, as I used to, and crop them afterwards with rearranging for the vertical scroll. Scroll is good for smartphones, I can see why it became so popular lately. Not every one owns PC but a lot of people own smartphones nowadays. Not everyone, of course, but more and more people everyday. But even from the PC tablet it is hard to read at least for me – the text is too big the frames are too big. So, I prefer to have both formats available. Shame – it took me too long to realize. As they say, to live is to learn, or something like that.

Here is the video of one of the latest pages I have drawn, recorded with Clip Studio Paint App on tablet PC. One and half minute video actually took me three evenings to draw and color this page. And this one was relatively easy to draw.

Check out my comic on Webtoon

Also my friend LisHikaru, the author of “the Sands of Gods” webtoon had introduced me to amazing world of other webtoon canva’s creators and collaboration. Oh gosh! Those webtoon collabs we made together with other creators from Canvas section on Webtoons were the most bright impression of this year spent in lock down and remote work.

I mean I also got my second degree at uni, but that was definitely not as impressing as collabing with all the wonderful artists out there. So honored to be able to take part in such fun activity alongside amazing comic creators.

Fallen Clouds or what the heck does this supposed to mean.

Well, that is the title of my colored comic, which you are able to read for free on webtoon Canvas and Tapas. My original title is “Where the clouds fall on earth”. (Which was supposed to mean “snow”.)

However, after some thinking was done on my part, I decided to shorten it. I’ve always been using “fallen clouds” as working title for this story anyway. I thought something shorter would be much easier searchable on the comic reading ups and give less chances of misspelling and mispunctuating since webtoon’s app recognizes punctuation as well and not show the search results if you mistype the title.

panels from my colored webcomic

As of today when I’m writing this post on December of 2020, my comic got 2,6 thousands readers on webtoon. It is bizarre to think about. I’ve never had more then hundred people interested in my stuff. And here I have more. I am not sure how many of those people are real, tho. There are actual readers who reading my story and leaving comments on every episode I publish. It is shocking to me and I am so very grateful to each and everyone of them. Nice feedback helps me move forward with the story. And I want to thank them all. Unfortunately, webtoon doesn’t allow people to have profile pages, so I don’t know who they are. But I want to thank them all for taking time to write kind words about my story and drawings.

A also mirror this story on Tapas.io and I also have readers there which I am very grateful for!

XO, Heiseihi.

Drawing tools I have ever tried and used for making manga

Let`s take my manga Videira as an example – I am experimenting with the tools I use for drawing it until now.

I have used a variety of papers and pens. Let`s move straight to it:

1) A3 paper, gel pen, black markers, roting isographs

first chapter was drawn on A3 paper – it was the largest size I`ve ever used for drawing manga.
I have drawn my manga with pencil and inked using simple black gel pen + Roting isograph 0.1 for thinnest lines + Roting isograph 1.0 and random black markers from the nearest shops.
I couldn`t find neither isograps or ink for them in my town, so I had to buy them online and wait for a couple of weeks until they arrive.
I liked using isograps but it was a little bit of inconvenient to fill them with ink and I usually ended up covered with ink from top to toe as well as my bathroom where I was doing  it XD
After having a kernel of 0.1 isograph broken I had to buy it online again, and wait for two weeks until it arrives… agrh! No matter how much I enjoyed using it, this was way too inconvenient considering the fact I had to constantly fill it with ink and I didn`t have any of the accessories in my town.
After receiving and replacing the kernel of 0.1 isograph, I had broken 1.0`s (thick line-making) isograph corps. And I was done here.

A3, gel pen + isograpg

By the way, about the paper size – It was great to have an ability to depict the smallest details, besides, after scanning the page looked very neat and pretty, but here I had another issue – the scanning XD I had A4 scanner which is 1/2 size of A3 pages I was drawing at. I had to scan every frame separately and after that, combine them in Photoshop. Oh my! It was a disaster! But the result was very good. I actually can proud of the quality of pages of the first Videira chapter. But it still was not very practical and took a very long time, so I was looking for other materials



2) B4 paper, Ink, dip pen holder, g-pen, maru-pen

During the second chapter I have switched to B4 – this is standard Japanese format for manga pages, a little bit bigger than A4 and a little bit smaller than A3. Love this format! I have bought (online as well as I can not even dream of such paper to appear in my town…) wood dip pen holder G-pen, Maru-pen, and some others, along with B4 paper, Black Pilot and black Deleter ink and a couple of Chinese cheap ink bottles – black and white.


I had so much fun using these materials, imagining me like the true manga artist XD  As I had never experienced ink and g-pen I was so new and exciting but it took soooo long to make a single page. The line was much better it was alive and curvy. However, I still had scan-making issues as B4 pages were still bigger than my scanner and I still had to combine separate frames into one-page after scanning.


I did draw 2nd and  1/2 of the 4th chapter ( as I had drawn 4th chapter before the 3rd) using ink and B4 paper.

3) A4 paper, sakura pigma micron multiliners

B4, ink, G-pen

But I have continued experimenting and the 3rd chapter was done in A4 format (paper size keeps going down and down lol). Meanwhile, I have discovered a new material – multiliners! And they were great they are such a life-savers. Love them. I personally prefer Sakura Pigma Micron Multiliners (I have tried some other brands as well as copic multiliner which btw did very good as well but Sakura pigma micron have stolen my heart) I am still using them and a random simple black marker to cover large black spaces.

Nowadays I am still experimenting with Videira looking the best possible materials which would provide both joy from the process and the result with good

A4, multi liners

balanced speed and quality. I`m trying to draw some pages digitally in the 7th chapter, it is easier in some way – because I don`t have to clean the scan from dots and scratches but I am not quite satisfied with the line itself – digital lining is hard for me but I am working on it.

Hope it was useful information, every material has its own advantages and disadvantages: just try them all, and decide what is better for you, but never use the lack of some material as an excuse for not drawing – I have tried a lot, and one conclusion I could make:


it is your story and your art – what really matters, no matter if you use super expensive Japanese ink, B-4 paper designed especially for manga or cheapest A4 paper for office technique and simple gel pen+ black marker from the newspaper kiosk.


Take care and have fun drawing!~