Writing a story in a foreign language.

Writing a book is a reckless idea on its own, regardless of what language you used to tell your story. But when you are trying to pretend to be a storyteller using foreign language, it turns out to be a real challenge. Not only you have to master the craft but also to learn the language. It may become such a tricky trap. For someone like us, who wasn’t blessed with the opportunity to be born bilingual and pursued the learning of another language as foreign second or third, the very fact of writing fiction in the language other than our native is already cool. It sounds cool, looks cool, and feels cool. Feels like achievements.

Meanwhile, we usually forget that natives do not use certain phrases, they have slang, shortcuts and special speaking habits. And even if our writing grammatically correct to the extent of getting us excellent scores, if it was a study paper, it might not have the living soul of fictional text or lack the natural easiness and creative vibes.

What am I supposed to do if I am so desperately in love with prose in English? (Thanks to crappy translations, which can be found in our local shops, which motivated me to read the original texts). Should I give up on the dream to be able to convey stories of my heart to the world or should I give it a try despite the risk of writing something plain and boring using language that is not my mother tongue?

As you might have noticed, English is not my native language. But somehow, it is easier for me to express thoughts and tell stories using English. Even though it not might be always grammatically or stylistically correct.

Anyway, I am firm believer in “if you want to do something, but don’t know how”, give it a try and learn in the process.

So, I did.

The first story I wrote in English was a disaster. I mean, I still like the story, but the way I wrote it was terrible. It was 55 k words long fantasy and took me two Nanowrimos to complete.

The second one turned out a little bit better, but it was still in a desperate need of deep and thorough edits. This one I was working on for three years and it grew up to 88 k words. I am really proud of myself for accomplishing this. Also, a fantasy.

I am working on the third one which is little a mystery experiment. Still in the process.

And I am not planning to stop.

Let’s see how my writing experiments would turn out, and would I ever be brave enough to share them with the World.