“Realm of Elves and Fairies” coloring book flip through.

The paperback of my fifth coloring book “Realm of Elves and Fairies” has arrived! Have a sneak peek inside and flip through its pages with me!

It took me a really long time to make all these drawings but it was worth it and I am happy with the result! 

Here is the flip through video I recorded:

And here is some “official” description:

The coloring book features the art of shoujo-manga and anime style,  26 drawings of elves and fairies including pictures of different complexity levels.

If you enjoy coloring cute fairy girls with pointed ears, this coloring book is for you! 

☙“Realm of Elves and Fairies. Manga girls”❧ coloring book contains:

✅26 original hand-drawn designs of pretty manga/anime styled girls




✅Butterflies & Dragonflies

✅couple of other animals and one bug

✅Cute manga girls

✅Coloring for relaxation

Calm down your stress and relax immersing yourself in the enjoyable craft of coloring various female characters. Recommended art-tools are colored pencils. If you decide to use markers or something which may bleed through the paper, it would be better to put a sheet of paper beneath the page you color to prevent spoilage of the next drawing. All pictures in this book are one-sided.

All drawings made by me.

And, here are some photos: