How I make anime postcards. DIY scrapbook postcards.

I like making postcards with cute amine girls and decorate them with various stationery for scrapbooking.

The ones above I made for myself out of pure joy of making them. The process of creating anime postcard is very stress-relieving and calming. I mean, who can resist putting hand on glittery butterflies and washi-tapes? Definitely, not me.

I want to show the process of how I make such postcards in case anyone is interesting and want to make it themselves.

Let’s take a fanart postcard with Princess Yona from “Akatsuki no Yona” (Manga/Anime). Character belongs to Kusanagi Mizuho.

My process including few stages:

  1. Rough sketch of the picture I want to draw for the postcard.

2. Actually drawing a picture of a character I want to put on the postcard. I use small A5 size watercolor paper or paper for graphics or any kind of paper which would go well with the materials you are going to use. I mostly use Markers. Sometimes watercolor pencils to color the skin. But mostly markers. Sometimes I also use washi-tape to decorate parts of the clothes or other details of the drawing. To make more interesting and funny. I typically stick washi-tape on the top of the drawing and use extractors knife to cut out the shape I need.

3. The part where the magic happens: I take two-sided sticky tape and stick it to the opposite side of the paper (backside opposite to the one I was drawing on). It would look like this from the backside with the double-sided sticky taped glued to it:

4. Cut the crap! Take my scissors -friends and cut out a shape of a character with the double-sided sticky tape on the back

It is really easy. The tricky part is to decide what kind of decorations yo want to use and what kind of picture you want to draw.

5. Composition. I take a bunch of stuff out of the box where I keep my scrapbook supplies and a blank postcard made of colored carton. Then I try to rearrange these pieces on the postcard and try to fit this picture of the character on the postcard. I move things around until I like the result.

6. Finally stick all the stuff together and TA-DAM! The postcard is ready:

7. More decoration! Sometimes I also decorate the back and inside of the postcard as well:

The following postcards were made for my friends, mostly including their Original Characters, and sent to them.

^_^ Until the next time,